Ticket: General Area

Each ticket comprises the General area and an Information section.
The general area contains the data about the ticket serial number, name of the user, who has submitted it, company, type of the service package, the current state of the ticket, attachments to it and a number of total hours spent to resolve the issue mentioned in the ticket.
Fields of the General area are the following:


Used to


Ticket number (#) is assigned automatically when you save the ticket based on the system numerator.

  • Users cannot override the auto-generated number and enter it manually.

Reported by

Field shows the first and last names of the user who has submitted the ticket.

  • Username is retrieved automatically from the User account field of the Profile page, and cannot be overridden.


Field shows the name of the company that the ticket is created for.

  • In case you have any kind of access to multiple Company Accounts, choose the required company in the drop-down list of the Company field.


The field shows the type of support service that your company possesses. It may be any one of the purchased support packages or a free support option.

  • Your Company Account may purchase only one support service package at a time. In case you run out of the amount of paid support services, you will have to purchase additional ones.


The field shows the version of the Builder that belongs to the Company Account.


The field shows the state of the submitted ticket.

State may be

  • New
  • In progress
  • Closed

By default, each ticket has a state New, and when it is processed by the support specialist, it receives the state In progress and then Closed.

Also receive email notifications option

When turned on, the option shows, that the user who has submitted the current ticket, will receive the notifications about any changes in the ticket at his e-mail address.

  • By default, the option is turned on.
When creating a new ticket, you may also attach some files to better describe the occurred issue. The list of such files is shown in the Attachments section of the General area.
Fields and buttons of the Attachments section are the following:


Used to

+Add new button.

Click the button to add a new file to the list of attachments.

  • Files might include archives, text documents, videos, images etc.


Click the field to invoke the file manager of your computer device to add a required file.


Add any extra details or comments about the attached file.

If your company has purchased any paid support service package, the ticket will have the additional field Total hours in the General area. The field will automatically calculate the amount of paid support hours that were already used.
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