Create a New Company Account

When Codejig Account is created, you may log into it and create a Company Account. In this case, you will become a company account administrator and will be able to purchase subscriptions for Codejig products. Company accounts are required since Codejig ERP is licensed only for businesses.

Alternatively, you might be invited or request an invitation to the existing Company Account. In this case, you don`t have to create it. To request the invitation, contact the administrator of that account.
To create a new Company Account:

  1. On the Main page, click the Create new company box.

You are taken to the page to fill in the information for Company Account.

  1. On the Company Account page, fill in all required fields.
Note: Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
  1. After filling all the required fields, click Start 30-days FREE trial.

You are taken to the information page.

  1. To go back to the homepage, click Return to homepage.

You may cancel your free trial or subscription at any moment. If your experience with Codejig ERP is positive and you did not cancel the subscription, after 30 days you will receive the invoice to pay for the next subscription period.
Note: Your data would not be used for marketing and advertising purposes, only for billing.
Your newly created Company Account has been sent for approval and has a status of Pending Approval. Before the registration of account is complete, a status may also be changed to In Progress.

When your Company Account becomes active, buttons Manage and Customize will be added to the company box, and link with your company name will become active.

Please make sure to provide the correct and complete data when registering the account, otherwise, it may be dismissed.
Note: You will not be able to create another company account while there is one that is not yet activated.
When the registration of the account is complete, you will receive a notification to the email that you have provided when registering your Codejig Account.
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