Getting Started

Codejig ERP is innovative and flexible enterprise management software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It allows companies and organizations to automate, manage and improve their core business processes, such as sales and purchases, inventory control, financial reporting, and much more. The application is comprised of different modules, each module comprehensively covering a separate business process.  
The guide is aimed at helping you understand how to use Codejig ERP.
Getting started presents general information about Codejig ERP basic functions and explains application user interface.
To start using the system, you have to sign up for Codejig ERP. If you have already signed up, you need to sign into the system.
For instructions how to sign up or sign in, see Sign up / Sign in.
Also, you can learn how to use Codejig ERP with our short video tutorials that will offer you an accessible introduction to various aspects of the system.