Export Invoices: General Area

Use this area to specify date ranges for invoice retrieval, select e-invoicing or EDI formats according to which fetched invoices will be converted into e-invoices, trigger the processes of invoice retrieval and conversion.

Invoice Export Settings


Used for


Select an e-invoicing or EDI standard according to which fetched invoices will be converted into e-invoices.

Service provider

Select a service provider integrated with Codejig ERP to be able to send generated e-invoices directly from the system to the selected service provider on click of the Send to provider button.

By default, Codejig ERP provides its Finnish users with the integration with the Apix service provider. However, to use this integration, you have to sign a service agreement with Apix, select it as your default service provider in My company settings, under the settings tab and provide your registration information in the Apix settings directory. If at least one of the mentioned above conditions is not met, automatic transfer of e-invoices to Apix will fail due to the inaccessibility of the service provider.

If you use any other service provider and wish to integrate it with Codejig ERP, please contact us to discuss integration possibilities since custom integration can be performed only by Codejig developers.

Settings button

On pressing the button you will be redirected to define APIX Settings.

Date from

A start date of a period based on which invoices to be converted will be retrieved.

Codejig ERP retrieves invoices with an invoice date between a specified date range (between a date from and a date to).

Date to

An end date of a period based on which invoices to be converted will be retrieved.

Codejig ERP retrieves invoices with an invoice date between a specified date range (between a date from and a date to).

Fill data

Click the Fill data button to retrieve all open invoices with an invoice date between a specified date range and transfer them to this page/record.  

Create files

Click the Create files button to convert retrieved invoices into e-invoices.

All retrieved invoices are parsed and e-invoices are generated according to the selected e-invoicing or EDI standard. Created e-invoices are displayed within the same line items as original invoices, in the field File. 


Invoice status



Used for


Serial number is assigned automatically when you save the record based on the selected numerator.

Users with the appropriate permissions can override the auto-generated number and enter it manually.

After overriding the record number, automated numbering will proceed in the same manner but using the manually set number as a start value.


Date field is automatically assigned the date when the new Export invoices record was created.

The date specified designates the record date, and the date when e-invoices were generated and uploaded to a forwarding service provided.

You can override the auto-generated date and time and enter them manually.


Status of an operation. Since the operation may involve/process several invoices, the general status of the operation is provided based on the status with the highest priority that has been assigned to an invoice. The status is assigned to the operation after it has been saved. There are four operation statuses that coincide with invoice statuses:

  • New - this status is assigned automatically to all newly created records.
  • Exported - the operation acquires this status when all added invoices have been converted into e-invoices and exported to the forwarding service.
  • Confirmed - the operation gets this status when all invoices have passed the validation conducted by the forwarding service.
  • Rejected - the operation acquires this status if at least one invoice has not passed the validation conducted by the forwarding service.


Add any extra details or comments about your invoice export entry.


Provider-related information



Used for

Send to provider

Click the button to send generated invoices directly from Codejig ERP to the integrated service provider selected in the Service provider field.

Service provider message

The field displays an acknowledgment you receive from Apix upon sending it generated electronic invoices directly from the system (on click of the Send button). The acknowledgment is a response from the service provider containing a notification about the successful or unsuccessful receipt of e-invoices sent and their validation status. Validation status is represented by status codes established by Apix. Validation status is provided specifically for each invoice sent. For the explication of status codes, go to Apix WIKI.

In case you have custom integration with any other service provider, the structure of response messages may differ and you will have to familiarize yourself with it using help resources of your service provider.  

  • The field is uneditable, you can only view the information received from the provider.


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