Invoice Export

To enable the electronic exchange of transactional documents between you and your business partners, Codejig ERP has implemented the e-invoicing solution. The solution is represented by the Export invoices functionality. It allows you to convert invoices generated in Codejig ERP into e-invoices in the XML or EDI formats that can be sent electronically to your business partners/customers via a forwarding service. To convert Codejig ERP invoices into e-invoices, the Export invoices functionality subjects data from invoice documents to a mapping process to adapt the invoices to the selected e-invoicing or EDI standard. Generated e-invoices can be automatically sent to a forwarding service integrated with Codejig ERP or you can manually upload them to a forwarding service of your choosing.

The service provider Codejig ERP is integrated with is Apix. Apix enables you to send e-invoices to your business partners directly from Codejig ERP. However, Apix integration is valid/relevant/pertinent (to) only for Finnish version/localization of Codejig ERP. For more information about Apix, go to the company's website.

Note: You must have an agreement with Apix for its services. 

You can also select any other desired service provider. However, you will not be able to integrate it with Codejig ERP on your own/yourself. To discuss integration possibilities, please contact us.  If you use a service provider of your choosing, you cannot send e-invoices directly from Codejig ERP to it, you have to manually upload them to the service.  To be able to use any forwarding services, it is required that you and your business partner sign an agreement on the forwarding service with your service providers. Also, you have to enter information about your service provider in the system through the use of the Service provider directory and select it as your default provider in My company settings, under the Settings tab. Information indicated about your service provider will be automatically used by the system in the process of e-invoice generation to specify the data regarding the Sender and Provider parties of the e-invoicing process. Your service provider, then, maps the data from the uploaded files to the structure required by the receiver/customer and performs validation checks of the data and file structure. Then, the service provider mediates/routes e-invoices to the receiver/customer. 

Note: Codejig Ltd. has not signed an agreement on the forwarding service with any service provider, so it is your responsibility to select a service provider, get acquainted with service description provided by a specific service provider and sign any required agreements. 

If you use Apix integration, you have to enter your registration information in the system via the Apix settings directory to ensure the seamless automatic data exchange with Apix and select it as your default service provider in My company settings, under the Settings tab. After uploading your e-invoices to Apix, you will receive an acknowledgment from the service stating that data sent is either correct or contains errors. The acknowledgment will be received as a notification displayed in the Response field; also, status assigned to e-invoices in Codejig ERP will be automatically changed. If you use any other service provider that is not custom intergated with Codejig ERP, such functionality will be unavailable. 

By default, Codejig ERP supports the Finvoice e-invoicing standard. 

Note: The Finvoice standard is valid/relevant/pertinent (to) only for Finnish version/localization of Codejig ERP.

Finvoice is a common e-invoicing format designed by Finnish banks. If you want to generate e-invoices according to this format, Codejig invoices will be converted into e-invoices in the XML format that will comply with the Finvoice technical descriptions, which can be found on the website of the Federation of Finnish Financial Services (FFI). Along with the e-invoices, transmission frames will be generated as well. Upon generating e-invoices together with the transmission frames, you upload them to a Finvoice forwarding service.

To go to the Export invoices 

  1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Sales tab.
  2. Under the Sales tab, click Export invoices.

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