Invoices to Customer

Invoices to customer protocols are automatically generated by Codejig ERP when the system detects that you try to export invoices that have already been exported and passed the validation performed by your service provider. The primary goal of such protocols is to enforce the uniqueness of export procedures.  They preclude the possibility of repeated export of one and the same e-invoices, in this way, eliminating data duplication in the system. 

Protocols are generated when you use the Export invoices functionality to convert Codejig invoices into e-invoices and the system establishes during the process of invoices retrieval that specific invoices which you want to add for conversion into e-invoices have already been converted into electronic invoices, sent to your service provider and assigned the status Confirmed upon passing the validation process. Protocols are generated for each invoice that has already been exported and confirmed.

Note: You cannot generate Invoices to customer protocols manually or modify them.

Thus, such invoices cannot be converted into e-invoices once again and exported from the system. Protocols are automatically added to the Already Exported tab.

Note: Users with admin rights can delete generated protocols and repeatedly convert invoices into e-invoices and export them. Users with other rights cannot remove such protocols from the system.

Protocols contain specific data about invoices that have already been exported and confirmed, presented data is displayed for informational purposes only and does not impact the system in any way. For information about the content of protocols, see Invoices to Customer: General Area.

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