My Company Settings: Settings Tab

Use this tab to define printing settings, specify a web service from which exchange rates will be fetched in real time and define parameters required to enable electronic exchange of invoices. 

The tab comprises the following sections:



Used for

Default language

Select a default language for your company in which sales process documents will be translated while being printed out from the system or converted into PDF. Also, generated e-invoices will be translated in the selected default language. 

While forming a PDF file, a page for printing or an e-invoice, field names of a document will be translated into the default language.  

  • In the Company directory, you also can specify a default language for each customer. In this case, sales process documents will be translated into a language of a customer selected in a specific document instead of being translated into the default language of your company. 




Used for

Default exchange rates web service

Select a web service from which exchange rates will be fetched in real time with respect to the indicated default currency.

The default web service available in Codejig ERP is European Central Bank. It provides exchange rates for 32 currencies that are published as European Central Bank reference rates.

You can also add new exchange rate web services to the system. To do that, click + Add new.

Export make payments to client bank

Use this option to export make payment documents to the bank that curates your e-invoicing.



If your company is registered as a user of e-invoices and has already signed an agreement with certain forwarding service provider, specify a service provider and your EDI identifier in the fields comprising this section. This information will be used by the system while generating e-invoices to specify the data regarding the Sender and Provider parties of the e-invoicing process. Otherwise, your service provider will be unable to identify, process and forward your e-invoices.  


Used for

EDI identifier

 Enter your company's EDI identifier.

Service provider

Select a service provider via which you will send or receive e-invoices from the list of services providers set up in the system or create a new service provider. 

  • You enter information about your service provider in the directory Service provider. By default, the Apix service provider is integrated with Codejig ERP. This integration enables you to send generated e-invoices directly from Codejig ERP and automatically receive e-invoices from vendors into the system. To be able to use this integration, it is obligatory that you have signed a service agreement with Apix and entered your registration information in the Apix settings directory.   

EDI identifier

Provide the Electronic Data Interchange identifier of your company. EDI is the concept of businesses electronically communicating information to that which was traditionally communicated on paper. The two classic examples of such information are purchase orders and invoices. Technical standards for EDI exist to facilitate parties transacting such instruments without having to make special arrangements.


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