Company: Settings Tab

Settings tab of the company profile comprises two sections: Printing and E-invoicing.



Used for

Default language

Select a default language for the company in which documents issued for it will be translated while being printed out from the system or converted into PDF. Also, e-invoices generated for the company will be translated in the selected default language. 

While forming a PDF file, a page for printing or an e-invoice, field names of a document will be translated into the company's default language.  

  • It is an optional field. If you do not specify the company's default language, documents issued for the company will be automatically translated into the default language of your organization that can be set in My company settings, under the Setting tab.  



In the E-invoicing section, you can define details of electronic invoice exchange with your business partner.

If your company intends to use e-invoicing functionality provided in Codejig ERP, before you can send or receive electronic invoices, you need to set parameters required for successful e-invoice exchange. Under this tab, you provide information about your customers or vendors that is essential to correctly transfer e-invoices to your customers or from your vendors. This information will be used for generating e-invoices or importing electronic invoices from your vendors to the system. 


Used for

Service provider

From the list of services providers set up in the system, select your customer's service provider via which the customer will receive e-invoices. Also, you can create a new service provider.

  •  Along with information about your service provider, you have to enter information about service providers your customers use in the directory Service provider. By default, the Apix service provider is integrated with Codejig ERP. Information about it is pre-defined in the system, and it is available for selection from the outset. 

EDI identifier

Enter your customer's EDI identifier.


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