Create a New Company

To create a new company 

  1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the CRM module, and then select Company.

A listing page of the Company directory opens.

  1. On the listing page, click + Add new.

You are taken to a page for entering a company's details.

  1. Enter information about the company:
  • General information: provide a name of the company and its registration number; specify a company type (you can select several company types since the company may be at the same time a vendor, a customer or have any other role).

Note: It is required to enter a name for the company and select at least one company type for it. Otherwise, you will not be able to save the company. You cannot change the indicated company type if the company is used in certain transactions. Although, you may set an additional company type for the company at any time.

 Then, provide the following information in the Details section, under the following Details tabs: 

Note: The Details section includes two types of tabs that are Details tabs and Reports tabs.

Details tabs are grouped and located on the left side of the section. You provide information about the company under the Details tabs.

Reports tabs are grouped and located on the right side of the section. You do not specify any company details under the reports tab. You use them only to generate reports regarding the company. Reports under these tabs provide analytical data about the company and are not available only for newly created companies as there is no data to be processed by the reports yet.

Depending on the company type chosen, the Details section may include different tabs, and the tabs, in their turn, may consist of different fields. In other words, the tabs explained below along with their content are not pertinent to all company types.

  • Accounting tab - configure the accounts associated with the company that are required for accounting for receivables, payables, and advances related to the company and set preferred terms and conditions under which business operations between your organization and the given company will be completed (e.g. payment and delivery terms, discounts etc). For each company type, separate fields are provided for specifying accounts and trading conditions. Accounts and trading conditions(if any) to be defined vary for different company types. 

When you create new companies, accounts under the Accounting tab are auto-completed being retrieved from the My company settings. But, it is recommended to revise default accounts and change them to accounts that are more appropriate for a specific company. Specified accounts become the company’s default accounts and will be used in documents and all company-related transactions.

Also, you may fill in the trading conditions that are the most frequently used when working with the company. Although it is not compulsory to indicate the conditions, if you fill them in, the process of providing information about the company in various documents will be simplified and facilitated since information entered in the fields in the company profile will be automatically retrieved when creating a new document.

  • VAT tab - specify whether the company is a VAT payer and enter its registration number.
  • Contacts tab – you can enter billing and shipping addresses of the company. The billing address may differ from the shipping address or may be the same. 
  • Contact persons – create contact persons for the company. 
  • Bank accounts – create bank accounts for the settlements with the company.
  • Settings – define the company's default language that will be used for translating and printing documents issued for it; if you intend to exchange invoices electronically with the company, specify the company's service provider and its EDI identifier.
  1. Click Save. 

It is not obligatory to provide all information under the Details tabs immediately after creating the company. You can fill in some details later on in the course of working with the system. You provide information under the Details tabs to simplify and automate the creation of documents.

Note: To be able to save new companies, you have to fill in the required fields in General area and Accounting tab which are marked with an asterisk (*).

The page of company records consists of the following sections:

  • General area
  • Details section
    • Details tabs
      • Accounting  
      • VAT
      • Contacts
      • Contact persons
      • Bank accounts
      • Settings
    • Reports tabs
      • List of transactions
      • Goods charts (displayed for companies of the Customer and Vendor types)
      • Customer charts (displayed only for companies of the type Customer)
      • Vendor charts (displayed only for companies of the type Vendor)


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