Company: Vendor Charts Tab

Use the Vendor charts tab to see the overview of liabilities of your company to a particular vendor, that is represented as a ratio between the amounts of paid advances, closed purchase invoices and open purchase invoices for a vendor. Chart accumulates the data since the partnership with a vendor was initiated.
The report is split into two areas: bar chart and a table.
The Vendor charts tab is a report that pertains to companies with a type Vendor.
The report is not available for newly created companies as there is no accounting data to be processed by the report yet. Only when certain accounting transactions for a new company take place, the report retrieves and analyzes information from those transactions and render it in the generated table.
The table has the following fields:


Used to


Bookkeeping account that liability balance belongs to.


Currency of the stated purchase invoice.

Purchase invoice

Name and numbering series of particular purchase invoices that are still to be paid.

Due date

Deadline date for your company to pay your liabilities to your vendor

Currency amount Dt

Amount of vendor liability in the stated currency.

Currency amount Ct


Amount Dt

Equivalent amount of vendor liability in the currency of accounting.

Amount Ct

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