Apix Settings

If your business has opted to use the Apix integration supported by Codejig ERP and has already signed an agreement with Apix on the provision of forwarding services, the next step is to enter your registration information in the system to ensure the seamless automatic data interchange with this service provider. 

Ignoring this step will end up in the inability of the system to automatically access Apix and transfer your e-invoices to it or download from Apix e-invoices received from vendors. 

You have to provide certain information you used for registering with Apix (your username and password ) alongside with identifiers assigned to your company by Apix (Transfer ID, TransferKey, CompanyID). Upon specifying Apix settings, you have to save them. As a result, Codejig ERP acquires an unrestricted access to your Apix account and can send/receive e-invoices to/from Apix. 

For more details about Apix settings you have to provide, see Apix Settings: General Area.

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