Codejig ERP Main menu

The Main menu allows you to access different modules of Codejig ERP. Navigating the modules, you get full access to Codejig ERP functionality. Each module covers a specific business process offering you definite tools to manage and automate that part of your business. Codejig ERP provides you with such tools as process-related documents, directories, reports and journals.
The following modules are available in Codejig:
  • Sales 
Sales module allows you to define and manage your sales workflow from creating/recording a sales quotation to closing a deal by receiving payment. You can create, modify and keep track of sales documents to monitor and analyze your sales cycle.
  • Purchase
The Purchase module in Codejig ERP contains documents and functions/features required to successfully carry out the buying process from issuing purchase orders to paying vendor invoices. The module also enables you to keep track of inventory changes that happen along.
  • Banking
Banking module is dedicated to handling and keeping records of all monetary transactions related to bank accounts that belong to your company, including but not limited to: receiving payments from business partners for items sold, making payments to business partners for items purchased, performing bank account reconciliation by using bank account statements, keeping record of bank accounts that belong to your company, etc.
  • Inventory
The Inventory module is designed to help you manage your inventory, including internal stock movements, stock item manufacturing, inventory write-off, inventory checking, creating inventory items and listing your company’s warehouses.
  • Fixed assets
Fixed assets module allows you to control physical and financial aspects of fixed assets that belong to your company along their full lifecycle, from recognition to depreciation, from modernization to derecognition. Along with a full overview, the system allows you to create different related reports with up-to-date information.
  • VAT
Use this module to define and control your VAT process by handling VAT registration, setting country-specific VAT rates your company must adhere to, managing accrual of VAT on services purchased abroad as well as creating and submitting VAT Returns.
The module also enables you to deal with import customs clearance procedures.
  • CRM
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a module in Codejig ERP that manages and analyzes interactions with customers as well as customer-related data. This module helps you to manage your Leads, Contact persons, Companies, Activities and Campaigns.
  • Accountant 
The module allows you to perform the period-end closing procedure, determine your company’s financial results, process transactions manually and enable transaction locking.
  • Settings
In this module, you set up your organization, enter its initial balances, manage and customize bookkeeping accounts, add employees, specify currencies you deal with, etc.
  • Reports
With the help of a Reports module, Codejig ERP enables you to generate intrinsically comprehensive and in-depth reports. You can get integrated and the most up-to-date information about your business affairs in just one click as Codejig ERP transforms your scattered data into easy-to-comprehend reports. The module includes sales and purchase reports, accountant and banking reports, inventory and fixed assets reports together with a VAT report.
  • Timeline

Timeline is a section of Codejig ERP that displays all documents created across the system. It is similar to a listing page because it contains the summary of all existing documents being shown as table entries. By default, documents in the Timeline are sorted by document date in descending order, newest to oldest.

  • Export / Import 
Export / Import module allows you to export a number of documents or some amount of data to external software, like text editors or calculation tools and to import some of the data from previous accounting software or to add some data that was received from other companies.


By default, the Main menu is folded, and you can only see the icons instead of names of modules available in Codejig ERP. To fold it out

  • Click the Menu icon (pic) next to the Home button.

As a result, the Main menu is permanently folded out. 

If you move the cursor across the folded Main menu, it will get temporarily unfolded. However, once you move the cursor away, the menu automatically folds in again. 

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