Fixed Assets

Fixed assets module of Codejig ERP provides you with solutions for more careful and precise management of your fixed assets, including special functionality that enables you to recognize fixed assets, define depreciation methods for them, modernize or derecognize them. Module assists you in keeping track of individual assets during their period of useful life and gives you an option to group your fixed assets for a simpler management.

Fixed assets module includes:
  • Recognition
  • Depreciation
  • Modernization
  • Derecognition
  • Fixed assets group
  • Fixed asset
  • Fixed asset number

Before creating fixed assets documents, it is necessary to define your company’s basic settings for fixed assets:

  • Set default accounts for the fixed assets accounting (My company settings, Settings module)
  • Set default parameters of depreciation for the fixed assets accounting (My company settings, Settings module)
  • Create fixed assets group to set common depreciation parameters for a similar equipment (Fixed assets group directory, Fixed assets module)
  • Create fixed assets (Item or Fixed asset directory, Inventory or Fixed assets module)
  • Create the unique inventory number for each fixed asset (Inventory number directory, Fixed assets module)

To go to the Fixed assets:

  • On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Fixed asset tab.

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