Use the Depreciation document for depreciation and aging accrual for fixed assets and intangible assets. Depreciation parameters for each item are set separately in the Recognition document when an item is recognized as a fixed asset and recorded in the respective journal.
For more details on fixed assets recognition, see Recognition document.
To revise the parameters of depreciation and aging that are set to accrue the depreciation and aging of fixed assets and intangible assets that are already existing in the company, you may aggregate the respective report. For more details on reports for depreciation, see......
Codejig ERP foresees the accrual of depreciation monthly by equal parts according to the straight-line depreciation method. Depreciation accrual begins the next month after the item was recognized as a fixed asset, and finishes in the month of the fixed asset derecognition with a purpose of selling or write-off of the fixed asset, along with closing the set depreciation period. Depreciation document has to be created once a month on the last day of the respective month, thus the depreciation expenses will be distributed monthly. Otherwise, you may create 12 depreciation documents, one for each month, on the last day of the year, in order to reflect the depreciation expenses once for the entire year.
For the Depreciation document to make the effect, it has to be posted. The posting affects the Fixed asset and Transaction journals. Records are made to the journals, crediting the accrued depreciation and debiting the amounts attributed to expenses.

To go to Depreciation

  • On the Codejig ERP Main menu click Fixed assets tab.
  • Under the Fixed assets tab, click Depreciation.


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