In Codejig ERP, the Accountant module enables you to manage your transactions, close financial periods, perform foreign currency revaluation and write off your deferred expenses.
The module includes the following documents:
  • Manual transaction
Manual transaction document gives you the wide range of instruments to insert any type of transaction manually with a complete control over the process.
  • Deferred income and expenses write-off
Write-off of deferred expenses document is automatically generated to periodically write off a portion of deferred expenses by charging assets to expenses.
  • Foreign currency revaluation
Revaluation document triggers the process of foreign currency revaluation that has to take place to update the value of open transactions affected by fluctuations of exchange rates.
  • Financial results
Financial results document is used for winding up results (profits or losses) for a specific period of time, usually one month, quarter or a year.
  • Transaction locking
Transaction locking document restricts a user’s ability to modify transactions that took place before a specific date.
  • Balance type
Balance type represents a variety of tools using which your company can prepare and present its financial statements.

  • Balance item
Balance item directory determines how and in what categories, subcategories and groups accounts are organized in the financial statements.


Before creating accounting documents, it is necessary to define your company’s basic accounting settings:

  • Get acquainted with the default chart of accounts and customize it if necessary (Chart of accounts directory, Settings module)
  • Create new accounts in the default chart of accounts as needed (Chart of accounts directory, Settings module)
  • Specify balance items for accounts (Balance item directory, Accountant module)
  • Select correct accounts in records and documents across the system according to a three-stage process of setting default accounts in Codejig ERP.
To go to the Accountant module
  • On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Accountant tab. 
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