Delete Sales Documents

Deleting Non-Posted Sales Documents 
You can delete a non-posted sales document at any time, even if other sales documents were created on it.
Deleting a sales document will not affect data entered in other documents created from it. 
Although the sales documents occupy fixed positions in the sequential sales process, they are relatively independent documents, and you can delete the documents from which you have created the subsequent sales documents without distorting the sales process or causing any errors in the system.
Note: However, you cannot delete an invoice with reference to which a credit note was created.
The following procedure demonstrates how to delete sales quotations. All other sales documents are deleted the same way.
1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, go to Sales module, then select Sales quotation. 
Listing page of the Sales quotation document opens.
2. On the listing page, select a table entry summarizing a quotation you want to delete by selecting a checkbox next to the table entry.
Note: You can select several sales quotations or even all created sales quotations to be deleted. To delete multiple sales quotations, select several table entries in the same way you select one entry. To select all quotations, select the checkbox in the header area of a table. For more information about selecting all table entries, see Listing Pages: Buttons and Action Menus.
3. Click the Selected button.
4. On the Actions menu, click Delete, and then click Yes.
Deleting Posted Sales Documents
Deleting a posted sales document will result in it being unposted and all inventory or accounting changes caused by it in the system being reverted. Also, all other documents created across the system with later posting date and time will get unposted, their postings will be canceled, and then they will be automatically posted once again making new accounting entries that will be affected by the deletion of the posted document that has triggered the batch reposting. 
Note: You will not be able to delete a posted sales document if transactions triggered by it affect business processes to the extent that cancelation of those transactions can cause accounting errors in the system.
Managing Deleted Sales Documents
The system does not display deleted sales documents, but they are never hard-deleted from the database. You can still display, view, duplicate them or create other sales documents from them. However, you cannot update it.
To view deleted sales documents
  1. In the Sales module, select a required sales document. For example, Sales order.
  2. On the listing page of the Sales document, click the drop-down arrow beside the document name.
  3. On the Actions menu, click Show deleted.
Deleted documents appear in the list, they are marked and displayed according to current sorting order.
To hide deleted documents
  1. Click the drop-down arrow beside the document name.
  2. On the Actions menu, click Hide deleted.

Deletion Restrictions 

You can delete sales documents unless document date is earlier than the lock date defined in the Transaction locking section.


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