Document Flow Line

Document flow line is a tool for creating sales process documents based on preceding documents in the flow. It is located at the top of each sales process document. The Document flow line represents the typical sales process which comprises five sequential steps that involve the creation of the following sales process and sales-related documents: 

Sales quotation ⇒ Sales order ⇒ Delivery ⇒ Invoice ⇒ Receive payment 

Note: Document flow line is an auxiliary tool for managing your sales documents. Its primary aim is to represent the sales process in more transparent and coherent way. However, it is not the main tool for creating sales process documents. For example, the Document flow line allows you to create only one document of a specific type based on preceding sales documents. So, if you wish to create several sales orders based on one sales quotation, you have to use the standard copying functions but not the Document flow line. 

Navigation through the Document flow line

The Document flow line also helps to navigate through sales process and sales-related documents. The line gives you information about where a particular sales process document is located in the flow, whether it is based on other sales process documents, which documents can or cannot be created directly from the given document.  

In the Document flow line, the current sales process document is in deep blue.

Subsequent documents in the flow which you can create based on the given document are in light blue, also the Plus icon is displayed next to document names.

If the document is based on the preceding sales documents, instead of generic sales document names, you will see a serial number of the specific sales documents based on which the given document was created. You can navigate to such documents by clicking them in the Document flow line. 

Documents that cannot be created from the given document are disabled in the line and are in grey.

Document creation via the Document flow line

For example, if you start your sales process from adding a sales quotation, you can create all subsequent sales process documents based on it, in particular, you can create a sales order, a delivery or an invoice directly from the sales quotation.

Note: You cannot create a receive payment document from a sales quotation or any other sales process documents but for an invoice. Receive payment documents can be created only as standalone documents or based on invoices. 

To create a document from the flow,  you have to, first of all, save the sales quotation and then click a document in the line which you intend to create. Then system will copy information from the sales quotation and transfer it to the newly created sales process document populating its fields with values copied from the fields of the sales quotation. 

You can create any of the subsequent sales process documents from the sales quotation, except a receive payment document that can be created only based on invoices.

You can follow the typical sales process and create all documents from the flow in sequential order or you can skip certain documents and, for example, create a delivery document directly from the sales quotation. If you skip specific documents from the sales flow and straight away create higher-level documents, you can return to the first document in the flow, and create the omitted documents. For example, you can create a sales order based on the sales quotation from which the delivery has already been created. Then, the created sales order will also be displayed in the Document flow line. However, if there is no sales quotation preceding the delivery, you will not be able to create sales orders as the sales process in Codejig ERP is a one-way process that moves only forward but not in reverse. So, it is highly recommended to commence your sales cycle from creating the first document in the flow as this will allow you to create all documents from the flow at any time.

Note: You can modify sales documents that have been created based on preceding documents in the flow. You can change data in any fields, add new items, delete transferred items or alter item details. Also, you can edit or delete documents based on which subsequent documents have been created without affecting those higher-level documents or triggering any changes in them. Also, you can create new documents instead of the deleted ones, and such documents will be displayed in the Document flow line. However, if you delete the first document in the flow, you will not be able to create new documents from it in the flow.


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