Batch Posting and Unposting

Batch posting allows you to simultaneously post multiple documents as a single transaction. You can batch post:
  • several or all documents of a specific document type
  • documents representing different document types
  • all documents created across the system
You can batch post multiple documents of a single type from the listing page of this specific document. Documents representing different document types as well as all documents created across the system can be batch posted only from the Timeline. 
Note: Timeline is a section of Codejig ERP that displays all documents created across the system.
Batch unposting allows to simultaneously cancel all postings that posted documents have made.
As is the case with the batch posting functionality, batch unposting process can be run for several or all posted documents of a single document type, posted documents representing different document types and all posted documents created across the system. For different types of posted documents, the batch unposting procedure is performed the same way as the batch posting process. The batch unposting, as well as a common unposing of a single document, causes batch reposting of all other posted documents in the system that have later posting date and time than the batch unposted documents. All posted documents that have later posting date and time get unposted and then posted once again relying on changes introduced to the posted document that initiated the batch reposting.

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