Item: Details Section

The Details section includes two types of tabs that are Details tabs and Reports tabs.
Under the Details tabs, you provide information about your items. This information will be used in item-related documents and ensuing transactions. 
Under the Reports tabs, you do not define any item details. The tabs are used only for generating and displaying analytical reports regarding your items. 
Depending on the item type chosen, the Details tabs and Reports tabs may consist of different tabs. The latter in their turn may consist of different fields.
Overall, the following tabs comprise the Details section:
Details tabs
  • Accounting tab - assign accounts to an item and specify other crucial parameters for it. Selected accounts become default accounts for all item-related transactions. The accounts include inventory or expense accounts, sales & COGS accounts, inventory adjustment accounts, fixed assets accounts. For items of the type Fixed asset, you also define depreciation parameters under this tab. 
The accounting tab pertains to all item types. However, accounts and parameters under this tab are item type-dependent. 
  • VAT tab -  if reduced VAT rates are applicable to the item, select a specific reduced VAT rate for it. 
The tab pertains to all item types. 
  • Codes tab - add item codes, such as EAN 13, ISBN, QR Code.
The tab relates to all item types, except Services.
  • Inventory management tab - provide warehouse information necessary to establish and maintain optimal inventory levels for the item as well as to initiate the inventory replenishment by automatically creating a replenishment purchase order when the in stock amount of the item drops below the specified minimum inventory level. 
The tab applies only to the Inventory item type.

Reports tabs
  • List of transactions tab - a report showing all documents referring to the item which have triggered certain item transactions.

The tab relates to all item types, except Services and Non-inventory item types.

  • Fixed asset tab - a report showing the changes in values of fixed assets and data on their depreciation.

The report pertains only to items of the Fixed asset type.

  • Stock tab  - a report displaying the in-stock balance of the item, quantities reserved for sale or purchase as well as created fixed assets that have not been recognized as fixed assets yet.

The report pertains only to items of Inventory and Fixed asset types.

  • Prices tab - a report displaying the history of changes in dynamics of sales and purchase prices according to the created price lists and purchase quotations received from vendors.

The Pricing information tab pertains to all item types.

  • Charts tab - charts displaying sales and purchase dynamics.
Charts are created only for Inventory and Fixed asset item types.

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