Item: Fixed Asset Tab

Use the Fixed asset tab to see all the relevant to the fixed asset information.


The Fixed asset tab is a report that pertains only to items with a fixed asset type, for other types of items this tab is absent.


The report is not available for newly created items as there is no inventory data to be processed by the report yet. Only when certain inventory transactions for a new item take place, the report retrieves and analyzes information from those transactions and render it in the generated table. 


To view the relevant to the fixed asset information, set a date for which you want to see the book value and accumulated depreciation of the fixed asset (in the field Initial balance date). By default, this data is represented as of the current date.


For the date indicated, item balances are provided in the Totals section including the fields explained below. Values in the fields forming the Totals section are calculated automatically for informational purposes only. Totals section fields are disabled for editing and cannot be overridden.

For the initial date indicated, the total quantity of fixed assets and total values are provided in the Totals section including the fields explained below.



Used to

Total quantity

The total quantity of the fixed assets as on the indicated date. 

Total initial value

Total initial value of the fixed assets that are on the balance sheet of the company as of the indicated date on which they were purchased, assembled, manufactured or obtained in any other way.

Total accumulated depreciation

Total accumulated depreciation of the fixed assets that are on the balance sheet of the company as of the indicated date.

Total salvage value

Total salvage value of the fixed assets as of the indicated date. In other words it is the cost at which the stated fixed assets will be removed after they useful life period will expire.

Total book value

Total book value of the fixed assets that are on the balance sheet of the company as of the indicated date. At any time book value equals initial value minus accumulated depreciation.


When you open Fixed asset tab, you will get the following information in the created report:


Used to

Inventory number

Unique number of the fixed asset in the system, previously assigned to it when an item was recognized as a fixed asset.

Acquisition date

Date on which the fixed asset was ready for its intended use and an item was recognized as a fixed asset.

Useful life

Estimated period (quantity of months) during which fixed asset will be used to generate revenues. Depreciation will be accrued during this period.

Period in use

Time (quantity of months) during which he fixed asset was at use as of the indicated date.

Previous accrual of depreciation

A month in which depreciation was accrued the last time.

Initial value

Original cost of the fixed asset, at which they were purchased, assembled, manufactured or acquired in any other way.

Accumulated depreciation

Accumulated depreciation is the total amount that the fixed asset has been expensed over the its life of the indicated date.

Salvage value

Expected value of the fixed asset at the end of its useful life. It is defined for depreciation accrual.

Book value

At any time book value equals initial value minus accumulated depreciation.


Not all line item fields are displayed by default. To enable such fields, you have to turn on the extended mode for line item by clicking the More button above the list of items.

On enabling the extended mode, the following fields appear:


Used to

Fixed asset account

A fixed asset account to which the initial cost of the fixed asset was recorded.

Depreciation account

A fixed asset account to which accumulated depreciation of the fixed asset was recorded.

Expense account

An expense account to which depreciation expenses were recorded.

Method of depreciation

A method that was used to calculate depreciation.

Responsible person

Company employee responsible for the fixed asset.


If you want to turn off the extended mode, click the Less button.

Note: After turning off the extended mode, advanced item details will persist.