Create a New Warehouse

To create a new warehouse 
1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Inventory module, and then select Warehouse.
A listing page of the Warehouse directory opens.
2. On the listing page, click + Add new.
You are taken to a page for defining a new warehouse.
3. Enter information about your warehouse:
  • In the General area: provide a name for the warehouse, select a manager for the warehouse.
Note: It is required to enter a name for the warehouse. Otherwise, you will not be able to save the warehouse.
  • In the Details section, provide information under the following Details tabs:
Note: The Details section includes two types of tabs that are Details tabs and Reports tabs.

Details tabs are grouped and located on the left side of the section. You provide information about your warehouses under the Details tabs.

Reports tabs are grouped and located on the right side of the section. You do not specify any warehouse details under the Reports tab. You use them only to generate reports regarding your warehouse. Reports under these tabs provide analytical data about a warehouse and are not available only for newly created warehouses as there is no data to be processed by the reports yet. 
  • Contacts tab - enter warehouse address, upload its image.
  • Warehouse sections tab - create and add warehouse sections to the warehouse if required.

4. Click Save. 

Note: To be able to save new warehouses, you have to fill in the required fields in General area which are marked with an asterisk (*).
The page of a warehouse record comprises the following sections:
  • General area
  • Details section
    • Details tabs
      • Contacts tab
      • Warehouse sections tab
    • Reports tabs
      • Stock tab
      • Charts tab

More information
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