Warehouse: Stock Tab

Use the Stock tab as a report to see the in-stock balance of items stored in the warehouse (items to which the warehouse was linked), amounts reserved for sale or expected from purchase.
For newly created warehouses, no item balances will be provided under this tab because there is no inventory data to be processed by the report yet. Balances will be displayed only when relevant inventory transactions take place for a new warehouse.
To view the in-stock balance of the items, select a type of balance you want to display, and then click Show.
Types of balance:
  • Stock balances
If you select the stock balances type, you will get the following information about all the items to which the warehouse is linked:


Used for displaying


Indicates whether the item is in-stock, expected or reserved.


A name for the item.

Inventory account

Inventory account to which the item was attributed.

Warehouse section

A warehouse compartment in which the item is stored.

  • The field is unavailable if the creation of warehouse sections for warehouses is not allowed in the system.


The in-stock/expected/reserved quantity of the item.


The price of one item.


The total price of all in-stock/expected/reserved items (Quantity x Price).

  • Extended stock balances
For the extended stock balances type, all the details present in the stock balances report are displayed as well along with the following information:


Used for displaying


A document that initiated the transfer of the item from the consignment to the inventory. / a document that recorded consigned items as inventory (for example, purchase invoice, goods receipt and product assembly, and so on).


Indicates whether the item has been purchased or ordered from a vendor.


Indicates whether the item has been reserved by a customer and is to be sold.

Delivery/shipment date

Date when the item has been or is to be delivered (if the item was purchased) or is to be shipped (if the item was sold).

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