Warehouse: Warehouse Sections Tab

Use this tab to create and add warehouse sections to the warehouse.

Warehouse section - logical or physical subdivision of a warehouse; a warehouse compartment.

While defining the warehouse you create and link warehouse sections to it. You cannot link warehouse sections defined for specific warehouses to any other warehouses.
Note: A default warehouse section is automatically created for each warehouse added to the system. You can manually create a warehouse section only after you save the warehouse. Before the first save, you cannot add a warehouse section, the option is unavailable. 
The tab is unavailable if the creation of warehouse sections for warehouses is not allowed in the system.

For more details, see My Company Settings: Preferences Tab.

To create a warehouse section for the warehouse

1. Go to the Warehouse sections tab.

2. Under the Warehouse sections tab, click Create new.

You are taken to a page for specifying warehouse section details.

3. Provide the information about a warehouse section:

  • Enter a name for the warehouse section.
 Note: It is required to enter a name for the warehouse section. Otherwise, you will not be able to save the warehouse section.
  • Select a warehouse for which you create this section from the list of existing warehouses. By default, the warehouse from which you were redirected to this page is provided.  
  • If necessary, select this section as a default one by turning on the Default option. 
Note: Only one default warehouse section can be selected for a warehouse. If you have previously designated a specific section as default, and now you want to use a different section instead, you have to change the default warehouse section. To do that, turn off the Default option in the record of the default warehouse section, and then turn this option on for a section that you want to assign as default.

You define a warehouse section as default to enable the auto-completion of warehouse sections in documents. If no section is designated as default, you will have to manually select a warehouse section in various documents to be able to save them. 

  • Specify its number.
Note: You can leave this field empty and the system will automatically assign the number to the warehouse based on the selected numerator.  
4. Click Save.  

Note: To be able to save new items, you have to fill in the required fields in General area which are marked with an asterisk (*).

To see the created warehouse section under the Warehouse sections tab of the warehouse

1. Return to the warehouse for which you created the section.

2. Reload the Warehouse page.

The created section appears under the Warehouse sections tab.   
Note: It is unnecessary to resave the warehouse after the section has been added to it. All sections you create for the warehouse are automatically displayed under the Warehouse sections tab.
You can create as many sections for the warehouse as necessary.

There are two other ways how to create the warehouse section for the warehouse:
  • On the warehouse details page, click +(picture) button on the toolbar, and then select Warehouse section. 
1. Return to the Warehouse listing page.

2. From the list of created warehouses, select the warehouse which you want to create warehouse sections.  

3. Click the + (pic) button beside the warehouse, and then click Create warehouse section - Warehouse section.

If you stop using certain warehouse sections of the warehouse, deactivate them. Inactive warehouse sections will no longer be displayed under the Warehouse sections tab.

To deactivate a warehouse section

1. Go to the page where details of the specific warehouse section are provided, and then click Update.

2. Turn on the Inactive option.

3. Click Save.  

To access the page containing details of the warehouse section

1. Go to the Warehouse sections tab.

2. Under the Warehouse sections tab, click the number of the warehouse section you want to deactivate.

As a result, you are taken to a page where the warehouse section has been previously defined.

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