Modify Data

After you create any document or record in the system, you can modify or update it at any time as needed. All changes introduced to a data file will be saved to the database. You can change item information, invoice details, payment specifics, banking and purchase documents, report settings and much more. Definitely, certain information cannot be updated in specific documents. Usually, fields whose data/values/information cannot be changed are disabled in the Update mode.
The following procedure exemplifies the update of the previously created invoice. All other data files are updated similarly.
1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, go to Sales module, then select Invoice. 
Listing page of the Invoice document opens.
2. On the listing page, click a table entry summarizing the created earlier invoice you want to update.
The invoice opens.
3. To update the invoice, click Update.
4. Change data in fields as necessary.
5. Click Save.
The changes to the invoice are confirmed and saved.
Note: If you update a document that has made a posting affecting inventory levels, the transaction journal or other journals, this document will get unposted, reverting all the inventory or accounting changes made, and then it will be automatically reposted with new changes introduced. Also, updating the posted document causes batch reposting of all other documents of the same type that have later posting date and time. Posting date and time is the current date and time when a document was created. 
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