Copy Data

Codejig ERP enables you to create documents or records based on other data files.
Two copying functions are available:
A given document or record is copied and another document/record of the same type is created based on it. Data is transferred from the original document/record into the newly created data file of the same type.
For example, a new invoice can be created by copying an existing one.
Note: You can copy one and the same document or record several times.
Cloning functionality is available for all data types in the system. 
To clone a data file
1. Navigate to an existing document/record you want to copy and open it.
2. On the form page, click Update.
Note: The Clone command is available only for saved documents/records.
3. On the toolbar, click the drop-down arrow beside a document/directory name.
4. On the Actions menu, click Clone. 
As a result, a duplicate of the original document/record is created. All data, except a date and a serial number of the original data file, is copied and transferred to the duplicated data file. However, you can change any copied values if necessary. 
5. On the form page of the duplicated document/record, click Save. 
Original documents/records can be converted into documents or records of other types. As a result, a new document/record is created with a reference to the original data file. In this case, data from the original file is also transferred to a new document/record.
For example, you can create a credit note and a receive payment document based on a particular invoice.
Note: Create function is not available for all documents/records. For instance, it is unavailable for inventory item records.
Presence of the Create icon (plus) on listing and form pages of a document/directory signifies the availability of the Create function for documents or records.
Copying variants also differ for various documents. For example, you can create delivery, invoice or purchase order documents based on sales orders. However, you can only create invoices based on deliveries. 
So, the selection of copying variants is unique for every document or record type if any.
To see available selection options for a document or a record, you have to access the Create menu.
The menu displays selection options that are paired with the Create function and thus serve as commands by clicking which a given document/record gets copied into documents/records of indicated types.
To access the Create menu:

  •  Navigate to an existing document/record you want to create on and click the Create icon next to it. 
The Create menu opens.
1. Navigate to an existing document/record you want to create on and open it.
2. On the form page, click Update.
3. On the toolbar, click the Create (plus) icon.
The Create menu opens.
To create the document/record:
  • On the Create menu, click a relevant command.
Depending on a chosen selection and copying function, a corresponding document/record is created with all relevant data from the original data file being copied into it. You can introduce all necessary changes to data provided and then save the file.
Copying variants are predefined in the system and cannot be changed.
Note: The Create menu is available only for the saved documents/records.
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