Manual Transaction: Inventory Tab

Use the Inventory tab to specify transaction details in case transactions are connected with the company inventory.


Fields of Inventory tab


Used to


Choose the good involved in the transaction from the list.


Unit of measurement for the good.

  • The field is completed automatically.

Inventory account

Bookkeeping account for inventory accounting, affected by the document transactions.


Select a warehouse from the list of warehouses where you intend to receive or send from goods.

Warehouse sector

Select a warehouse section in the warehouse from the list of warehouse sections where you intend to receive or send from goods.


Goods state as influenced by the document (for a report including booking documents) - whether the item is available, provided, in stock, reserved or expected.

  • It is a required field. If you do not select a state, you will not be able to save the document.


Indicate whether goods were ordered, delivered or received with or without payment documents (invoice/ purchase invoice).


Select a specific document from which you want to copy items to the manual transaction. You can retrieve such items only from documents which reflect their acquisition. Thus, at first, you have to select one of the following document types: Purchase Invoice, Goods and Services Receipt, Manual Transaction, Initial Balance, Product Assembly or Inventory Adjustment. Then you have to select a specific document of a chosen type from which you intend to transfer items for recognition.

  • If you wish to retrieve items from purchase invoice documents, you can only select purchase invoices that are not used as delivery.


Choose the name of the vendor from a drop-down list or create a new one.


Choose the name of the customer from a drop-down list or create a new one.

Delivery/Shipment date

Date when goods will be delivered/shipped or services will be provided.


Number of goods in consignment.


Total amount of stated goods.

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