Ручні проведення

A manual transaction is a part of Accounting module, that gives you the wide range of instruments to record any type of transaction manually with a complete control over the process. It allows you to make any accounting operation that you need at the moment. The manual transaction might be used for any accounting document, but its main purpose is to give the user an opportunity to create the transaction for some unique cases, such as filling in the data about charter capital, making corrections to draw up the balance sheet etc.

Although manual transaction allows controlling each aspect of the action, it lacks the simplicity offered by any other automated ERP accounting document.

Note: The manual transaction is the advanced mode recommended for experienced accountants. None of your actions are supervised by the system, even ones that will lead to mistakes in balance sheets and reports.

To go to the Manual Transaction

  1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Accountant tab.
  2. Under the Accountant tab, click Manual transaction.


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