Manage Builder: General Area

The General area of the Builder management page enables the administrator to choose or change the required Owner of the Company Account, stop the Builder container or open the Builder of the certain application to customize.
Fields and buttons of the General area are the following:


Used for

Update/Save button

Click Update to be able to make any changes in fields of the page.

When required changes are made, click Save.


The field displays the name of the company that owns the current Company Account.

  • The data in this field is retrieved from the Name field of the Company account page. In its turn, the Name of the Company account is the name of the company provided when registering it.


Field displays the current name of the Builder.

  • You may also use this field to change the Builder name. To do so, click Update, then provide a new name for the Builder and click Save.

Stop button

Click the button to stop the Builder container.

  • For more information on when is it required to stop and start the container, see Manage Containers.

Open button

Click the button to open the Builder page and proceed to application customization.

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