Manage Containers

The container is a stand-alone package of software that includes everything needed to run it: code, runtime, settings, system tools and libraries. It occupies a physical space on the Codejig server, its random-access memory (RAM), processor and network resources. This way such software will always run the same, regardless of its physical machine. Another benefit of the container approach is the speeded up process of building large scalable cloud applications.

Both application instance and Builder run in containers and by the general rule, each of them requires its own.

You may manage containers in the following ways:

  • purchase new containers

New containers are required when you purchase the additional Builder or when you desire to switch to a container with a bigger capacity. For more information about purchasing containers see Subscription Page: Containers Tab.

  • remove (delete) containers

You may remove the container of a smaller capacity when you purchase a bigger one. For more information about removing containers see Subscription Page: Containers Tab.

  • stop and start containers

There are the following situations that require to stop the container and then again start it:

  • application or Builder have frozen

In case the application or Builder have frozen and do not respond to page refreshing, you may stop their containers and start it again. This procedure is called the process recycling and is the analog to the device reboot.

  • you need to switch to a container with a bigger capacity

In this case, you have to stop the current container and then choose the more advanced one from the list. Note, that moving to a container with a bigger size will require bigger charges for it in your payment period.

  • you need to delete the container

In this case, before deleting the container you have to manually stop its performance.

In case any issues will occur while using containers, you may contact the Codejig support service.

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