Manage Builder: Backups Tab

The Backups page allows the administrator to restore the Builder data to the state of the certain date and time by using the automatically created backup file. Such backup file consists of the image of the Builder version and a database.
To restore the Builder from backup:
  1. Choose the required backup entry from the list by putting a check mark in the field next to it.
  2. Click Restore.
The Builder will be backed up by the system state and data content that are up to the date and time of the chosen backup.
Fields and buttons of the tab are the following:


Used for

Restore button

Click the button to restore the Builder data to the state of the chosen backup.

backup id

The field displays the system ID of the Builder backup.

database timestamp

The field displays the date and time when the current Builder backup was created.


The field displays the size of the saved Builder backup data file in bytes.

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