Manage Builder: Locales Tab

The Locales tab is a tab where the administrator may choose the set of localized versions of application and Builder. Localized versions include not only certain interface languages but also certain legal requirements and local-specific components like the way to write down time and date, money amounts etc.

Tab gives the administrator the opportunity to choose the most suitable software localization for his country from the set of the available ones.
Locales added to the list are available to choose from in the application or Builder language switcher.
Fields and buttons of the tab are the following:


Used for

+Add new button

Click the button to add one or more language/country localizations for your Company Account, the application or Builder.


The field displays the abbreviated language identifier for a locale.

A locale is a set of parameters that defines the user's language, region, and any special variant preferences. A locale identifier consists of a language identifier.

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