Manual Transaction: Profitability Tab

Use the Profitability tab for accounting related to profit and COGS bookkeeping accounts.

Fields of Profitability tab


Used to

Profit center

Specify a project or a department that you want to relate to the invoice. Costs are allocated to the profit center. The Profitability report shows the profitability of the project. It is an optional field.

  • It is an optional field.


Choose the name of the customer from a list.


Select the item that is a subject of the profitability calculation.


Set the bookkeeping account that initiates the entire transaction.

Income amount

Amount of income received based on the data from the Transactions tab (if any).

Cost amount

Amount of costs held based on the data from the Transactions tab (if any).

Discount amount

Amount of discount the data from the Transactions tab (if any).

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