Measurement Unit

Use this section of Codejig ERP to specify units of measurement you can then use in the system for determining quantities of items.
Unit of measurement is a standard unit by means of which you measure and express the quantity of the material, goods, services. Measurement units are used for describing length, weight, volume and time, packages, and much more. 
You have to define and attribute units of measurement to all item types, in particular, to goods and services.
In Codejig ERP, units of measure are used across:
  • Sales module to indicate units of measurement in which items are to be sold.
  • Purchase module to specify purchase measurement units.
  • Inventory module to assign a base unit of measurement or a set of measurement units to a new item while setting it up. Also, to select appropriate units of measurement for inventory transactions.
In all mentioned above documents, measurement units are suggested automatically for items, the suggestions representing a base unit specified for an item while it has been created and defined in the system (as defined in their details). You can change the suggested unit and use different units for sales, purchase and inventory documents only if a set of units has been assigned to the item. Then, you can select a relevant unit from the set. Otherwise, the item’s measure unit cannot be changed.
For more information about setting several measurement units for an item, see Item: General Area.
By default, several basic units of measurement are available in Codejig ERP. 
To see the list of pre-defined units of measure
1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, go to the Inventory module, and then select Measurement Unit.
A listing page of the Measurement Unit directory opens.
2. Available units of measure are listed in the table.
By default, the pre-defined units of measurement are inactive. To be able to use them, you have to activate the units you intend to use.
For information how to activate available units of measurement, see Activate a Pre-Defined Unit of Measurement.
If units of measurement you require are not pre-set, you can create additional units of measurement.
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