Set Filters in Reports

If your report contains a lot of data, it may be difficult to spot necessary information quickly. You can use filters to cope with this issue. Filters can be set on any data rendered in the report. Filters allow you to specify what groupings or summary figures to display.
For example, in the Profitability report, we can filter information related to items to only display information about one or several specific items. Or, we can decide to display only those items whose profitability is larger than 20%.
To apply filters
1. On the page for configuring report parameters, click the Customize button.
2. In the filters section, click the Filter button.
The Filter menu appears.
3. From the Fields list, select a field forming a row or a column you want to filter.
4. Select one of the comparison operators by clicking the default equals operator, and then select the required operator from the list displayed.
5. In the Values field, enter or select the criteria for filtering.
6. Click Apply to set the filter.
The filter is displayed in the filters section.
7. Generate the report to see the filter being applied to data in the report.

To clear created filters


  • Click the cross icon next to the filter you wish to remove.


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