A delivery document indicates that goods have been shipped to a customer or services have been provided. It does not regulate or oversee the consignment and shipment processes. It just indicates that the shipment of goods or the delivery of services has occurred. When you post the delivery, it cancels the reservation of goods made by the sales order, alters the total quantity of items in stock by the number of goods reserved because the goods have left the warehouse, and indicates that the goods have been delivered to a customer without an invoice. If you create a delivery document for services, it will not result in any posting.

Delivery created as a standalone document without reference to a sales order reduces the total inventory quantity and delivers goods to a customer without an invoice.
Note: Using this document, you can deliver goods or services prior to creating an invoice.
Delivery also impacts the transaction journal and creates entries for item-related inventory and expense accounts (impacts the accounting system).
To go to the Delivery
  1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Sales tab.
  2. Under the Sales tab, click Delivery.
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