Create Purchase Orders from Sales Orders

There are two possible use cases for creating purchase orders directly from sales orders. First, responding to a purchase order from a customer, you can issue a sales order for goods that are not currently in stock. In this case, you have to create a purchase order from the sales order to buy the goods from a vendor. Second, you may create a purchase order based on the sales order to replenish your inventory by the quantity that is to be sold.

To create a purchase order from a sales order
  1. To go to the Sales Order under the SALES tab.
  2. On the listing page of the sales order, click the + (pic) button beside the sales order from which you want to create a purchase order.
  3. On the Create menu, click Create - Purchase order.
If you want to create a purchase order directly from a sales order form, do as follows:
  • Click the + (pic) button on the toolbar, and then click Create - Purchase order.
Fields of the created purchase order are populated from the sales order fields. However, you can modify the purchase order created from the sales order You can change data in any fields, add new items, delete transferred items or alter item details.   
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