Bank Account Statement Import: Transactions Tab

Use the tab to view data fetched from the uploaded bank account statement.

Regular mode of Transactions tab has the following fields:


Used for displaying


Status of imported transaction statement define the actions that you as a user are able to perform with each transaction.

In Codejig ERP there are five transaction statuses:

  • Already imported - Status appears in case transaction has already been imported earlier and the current one is the same. Status prevents duplicates in the system.
  • Does not need to be recognized - Status appears when transaction of amounts from one bank account to another takes place. Debit or credit part used in transaction will receive this status.
  • Our make payment - Status appears when the imported document is our make payment received from the bank after reconciliation.
  • Recognized - Status appears when all the fields in the transaction are filled in correctly, either automatically right after the bank file was uploaded, or after some manual fixes. Status 'Recognized' is the only status that allows any further actions with transaction.
  • Unrecognized - Status appears when the transaction has some fields not filled after the bank file was uploaded. When issues in fields are manually fixed, status will be changed to 'Recognized'.

Payment info

Field is filled after the payment that is based on the transaction, is created in the system. The field contains the serial number of the payment in the system.

Booked date

Date of transaction, stated in the imported bank reconciliation document.


Name of the corresponding company involved in the transaction.

Corresponding bank account

Bank account of the corresponding company.

Type of document

Type of document that will be created based on the recognized transactions. Type includes Invoice / Purchase invoice, Credit/Debit note or Receive/ Make payment documents.


Currency in which bank account transactions are stated.

Received amount

Amount received within the transaction if any.

Sent amount

Amount paid within the transaction if any.


Rule is an automated action that you may add and save in the system based on the transaction. When certain transactions are regular, you may add them to the system as rules, and next time you will import and upload the bank statement file, system will use the rule for repeated transaction (in case of 100% match of information amounts in the rule and transaction) for auto-fill of key transaction parameters and will recognize it easily.

When you want to create rules based on recognized transactions, before saving the document, click the Create rules button on the Transactions tab.

Generated payment

Information about the generated payment document if any.

Extended mode represents a number of fields, namely bookkeeping accounts, that will be automatically filled in with different preset values. Values in those fields may be changed manually.

Extended mode of the Transactions tab has the following additional fields:


Used for displaying

My bank account

Name and numbering series of bank account that belongs to your company, involved in the transaction.

Fee amount

Amount of fee to be paid for the bank transaction.

Gross amount

Gross amount including fee amount.

Original currency

If the transaction is related to receiving amounts due to currency sale, the field displays the currency, that was sold.

Currency amount

If the transaction is related to receiving amounts due to currency sale, the field displays the amount of currency, that was sold.

Exchange rate

If the transaction is related to receiving amounts due to currency sale, the field displays the exchange rate of the transaction in relation to your system currency.


Purpose of bank payment/transaction stated in the imported bank reconciliation document.

Type of payment

Choose the type of payment from a drop-down list or create a new one.

Liability account

Bookkeeping account that liabilities on transaction belong to.

Advance account

Bookkeeping account that advances on transaction belong to.

Fee account

Bookkeeping account that transaction fee payments belong to.

Create Payments

After making sure that all fields are filled in correctly, you may create Receive and Make payments documents based on reconciled transactions by clicking the Create payments button. This will transfer transactions into respective unposted payment documents.

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