Bank Account Statement Import

Bank account statement import is the main instrument in the Bank account statement directories that is used as a base for other parts of the folder.

It serves the purpose of transferring information about transactions made, that was received from your banks to the system, along with external reconciliation on those transactions with a bank.

It is recommended to import the bank account statement from each of your banks once in a certain period; depending on the intensity of transactions it might be a day, week or month.

Import is performed manually by uploading a file with transactions on accounts, received from each of your banks. The list of banks is predefined by a configuration of your system for your region and is not equal to the list of banks that you have input to your system through the user interface.

When you want to perform a reconciliation of transactions of a certain period with your bank, you may use the Bank account statement import tool.

To go to the Bank account statement import
1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Banking tab.
2. Under the Banking tab, click the Bank account statement folder, and then select Bank account statement import.


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