Position: General Area

Use this area to enter a position title, provide position description, indicate whether this position exists within your company or within companies of your business partners, designate this position as the one involving managerial duties, activate/deactivate the position. 

General Area Fields


Used for


Provide a position title. 

  • It is a required field. If you do not provide a title, you will not be able to save the position.  


 Provide a job description for the position. 

Includes purchasing/sales manager duties

Turn on this option if the position involves the necessity to perform duties of a purchasing/sales manager. 

If this option is turned on and the position is assigned to your employee, such employee is considered to be in charge of a specific company warehouse to which (if the employee performs duties of a purchasing manager) or from which (if the employee performs duties of a sales manager) items to be purchased/sold will be shipped.

You have to assign a specific warehouse to the employee in the respective employee record. 

Position in other companies

Turn on this option if the position exists within a company of your business partner.

If this option is turned on, the created position cannot be selected for your company's employees as the position will not be displayed on the list of the Position field in the Employee directory.

If this option is turned off,  you cannot select this position for your leads or contact persons because the position will not be displayed on the list of the Position field in the Lead directory and the Contact person directory.


Serial number (#) is assigned automatically when you save the position based on the selected numerator. Users with the appropriate permissions can override the auto-generated number and enter it manually. After overriding the serial number, automated numbering will proceed in the same manner but using the manually set number as a start value.


Add any extra details or comments about the position. 

Inactive option

Turn on the Inactive option if you want to deactivate a previously active position.

If a position is inactive, it will not be available for selection or use and will be accessible only on the listing page of the Position directory.  

By default, this option is turned off and all newly created positions are active. You can select active positions from the lists for the Position field in the following directories: Employee, Lead, Contact person. 

  • Deactivation of the previously active position will not affect records of employees, leads and contact persons created prior to the position deactivation. Thus, information about the inactive position will persist. For employees, leads, contacts whose positions you have deactivated, you have to manually select an active position in the respective records instead of the specified inactive one.


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