Your employees, as well as your leads or contact persons of business partners, may hold different positions in respective companies. Thus, in Codejig ERP, you can create positions that either exist in your company or in companies of your partners. In both cases, you have to do that through the use of the Position directory. 

As far as your company is concerned, the Position directory can be regarded as an element of a Human Resources module that is expected to be released in next versions of Codejig ERP. The directory will be integrated with other documents and directories of the HR module to ensure effective personnel management. Also, information about company positions will be incorporated into payroll management process that will be handled by a Payroll module, which will be introduced soon.  

As a part of the CRM module, the Position directory helps you deal with a tedious task of indicating a contact's position by eliminating the need to manually enter it each time you have to specify the corresponding information. Also, it provides you with an extra dimension for contact analysis. 

The directory is inaccessible through the Main menu. You can go to it via the Employee directory (in the Settings module), the Contact person directory or the Lead directory (both in the CRM module) by clicking the Create new option in the list of the Position field located on the page for creating new records within the mentioned above directories.

The procedure below demonstrates how to access the Position directory via the Employee directory

1. Go to the page for creating a new employee. 

2. In the General area, locate the Position field, and then open the field list by clicking an arrow next to the field. 

3. On the list, click the Create new option. 

A new tab opens in your browser. You are taken to a form page for defining a new position. Meanwhile, the page from which you accessed this form remains open in another tab. Information entered in it is not saved automatically.


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