Reorganize Chart of Accounts Structure

While reorganizing the structure of the chart of accounts, you can change the location of accounts, account groups, account subcategories and account categories.
Not only you can rearrange accounts located at the same level, account subcategories of the same level and account major categories at the top level, you can also move any items of the chart of accounts between any levels.
Note: By default, items of the same level are displayed in the ascending order in the chart of accounts.
To move items in the chart of accounts
  • You drag a desired item, hover it over an item under which you wish to locate it (the item is then marked blue) and drop the item. 
The item is successfully moved to another level. 
If you wish to reorder items of the same level
  • Drag a desired item and drop it above or below an item of the same level.

The order of items of the same level is changed.  

  • If you move an account group, all its subaccounts are moved as well.
  • If you move one active account under another active account, the latter becomes an account group.
  • Although it is technically possible, you are not advised to move items of Level 1 and Level 2 to lower levels.
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