Update Accounts


There are two possible scenarios when it may be necessary to change accounts.
The necessity may rise to update accounts to which no transactions have been made and as well as accounts to which transactions have already been posted.
In the first case, you can modify and update any accounts details. However, you cannot change any defined properties of accounts to which certain transactions have been made that are also reflected as postings to Transaction journal and other journals. In case of such accounts, you can only change their name and code.
To update accounts
1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, navigate to the Settings module, and then select Chart of accounts.
A listing page of the Chart of accounts opens.
2. On the listing page, select an account you want to update and click it.
Note: If you access the account from the table on the listing page, click a table entry summarizing the account. However, if you access the account directly from the chart of accounts, you have to double-click it.
The account opens.
3. To update the account, click Update.
4. Modify the required fields.
5. Click Save.
You cannot change the location of the account in the hierarchical structure of the chart of accounts while updating it. To move the account to another level, you have to reorganize the chart of accounts.
For more information how to do that, see Reorganize Chart of Accounts Structure.
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