Налаштування плану рахунків

While working with the chart of accounts in Codejig ERP, you can

  1. Set up new accounts 
You can create new accounts at any time, usually as additions to a default chart of account. For instance, if you have an account Telecommunications and postal services, you can add Internet Access and Services as a subaccount of it.
For instructions how to create new accounts, see Set Up a New Account.
  1.  Edit account details
For more information, see Update Accounts.
Note: You cannot delete any accounts, account groups, subcategories and categories.
  1. Reorganize the structure of your chart of accounts by moving accounts, account groups,  subcategories and major categories within the chart of accounts.

         For more details, see Reorganize Chart of Accounts Structure.
  1.  Check account balances and turnovers.