Tax Office: Details Section

The Tax office details section comprises the following tabs:

Accounting - under this tab, you specify accounts to which transactions performed with the tax office are to be recorded. 
Contacts - use this tab to provide a tax office address.  
Contact persons - you use this tab to add and maintain information about tax office contact persons.
Bank accounts - under this tab, you specify tax office bank accounts that will be used for payments.
Settings - you use this tab to define a default language in which documents to be filed to the tax office will be automatically translated while being printed out from the system or converted into PDF.
List of transactions - a report displaying all transactions you have performed with the tax office.
The report is not available for newly created tax offices as there is no data to be processed by the report yet. Only when transactions with a new tax office are recorded in the system, the report retrieves and analyzes information from those transactions and render it in the generated table.  
As far as these tabs are pertaining not only to tax offices but also to other company types, their content are described in articles about the structure of the generic directory Company.
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