Tax Office: General Area

Use this area to provide general information about tax offices you add to the system.  

General Area Fields


Used for


Enter a name of the tax office.

  • It is a required field. If you do not provide a name for the tax office, you will not be able to save the tax office.

Registration number

Enter a 3-digit tax office code.

Default currency

 A currency in which payments are to be submitted to the tax office.  

Company type:

  • Customer
  • Vendor
  • Institution
  • Other

Specify what kind of a business partner you want to add (select the business partner type) - whether it is a customer/vendor or other. The type determines what transactions you can perform with this company.

While creating tax offices, Institution is selected by default.

Institution types of companies

Besides dealing with vendors and customers, your company has relationships with other types of partners, such as:

  • Banks
  • Tax agencies
  • Custom agencies

While creating tax offices, Tax agency is selected by default.


Serial number (#)

Serial number (#) is assigned automatically when you save the tax office based on the selected numerator.

Only users with the appropriate permissions can override the auto-generated number and enter it manually.

After overriding the serial number, automated numbering will proceed in the same manner but using the manually set number as a start value.


Add any extra details or comments about the tax office. 


Turn on the Inactive option if you want to deactivate a previously active tax office.

If a tax office is inactive, it will not be available for selection or use and will be accessible only on the listing page of the Tax office directory or of the Company directory.  

By default, this option is turned off and all newly created tax offices are active. You can select active tax offices from the lists for the Tax office/VAT office fields in various VAT documents. 

Note: the content of the General area depends on the selected type of company. General area fields described in this article are pertaining to all company types, not exclusively to the company subtype Tax agency.
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