Import Invoices: Already Imported Tab

This tab lists protocols representing e-invoices issued within a specified date range that have already been converted into purchase invoices, have been imported from the forwarding service provider and have passed the validation. The tab is not displayed by default, it appears only if confirmed e-invoices are detected within the defined date range. The detection of such e-invoices triggers the subsequent generation of protocols for each individual e-invoice spotted, the protocols being displayed in the Already imported tab.

Protocols are added as line items in this tab.

Line item is a line structure that contains an item and item details. In the Already imported tab, the line item is comprised of the following fields.

Line item fields


Used for


Status of the imported e-invoice.


Date when the protocol was created.

Invoice date

Date when the e-invoice was issued.

Invoice number

Serial number of an e-invoice for which the protocol has been created.


Vendor from whom the e-invoice was received.


E-invoice amount in the displayed currency.


Currency of the given e-invoice.

XML file

An imported e-invoice in the XML format.

To download the XML file to your device, click the file name.

PDF file

An imported e-invoice in the PDF format.

To download the PDF file to your device, click the file name.

Zip file

An imported e-invoice in the Zip format.

To download the Zip file to your device, click the file name.

Invoice ID

ID number of the e-invoice.

Protocols under this tab are provided for informational purposes only, and you cannot delete or modify them as well as add other protocols manually.

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