Import Invoices: Purchase Invoices Section

You use this section to manage e-invoices to be converted into purchase invoices, download generated purchase invoices to your computer, revise imported purchase invoices. 

This section consists of two tabs

  • Invoices tab - e-invoices to be converted into purchase invoices are added under this tab as line items. E-invoices may be added on the click of the Create files button in the General area. Generated purchase invoices also appear under this tab being displayed within the same line items as added e-invoices in the File field.
  • Already imported tab - this tab lists protocols representing e-invoices with a date between a specified date range that have already been converted into purchase invoices, have been imported from the forwarding service provider and have passed the validation. The tab is not displayed by default, it appears only if already imported e-invoices are detected for the defined date range. The detection of such e-invoices triggers the subsequent generation of protocols for each individual e-invoice spotted, the protocols being displayed under the Already imported tab. 

Invoices under these two tabs are added as line items. 

Invoices (number)

Displays the total number of line items added under the Invoices tab. 

Already imported (number)

Displays the total number of line items added under the Already imported tab.


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