Generate Purchase Invoices from Electronic Invoices

To generate purchase invoices from electronic invoices, you have to convert e-invoices received from your provider into purchase invoices in Codejig ERP. To do that
  1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Purchase module, and then select Purchase invoice import.
A listing page of the Purchase invoice import directory/section opens.
  1. On the listing page, click +Add new.
You are taken to a page where you can receive e-invoices from the supported forwarding service provider, download them to your computer or convert them.
  1. In the General area, select an e-invoicing or EDI standard according to which e-invoices will be received and specify a service provider used for storing and uploading e-invoices.
  2. Click the Load data button.
As a result, all purchase invoices that were received and stored by your service provider and were not yet downloaded to Codejig ERP will be automatically added as line items to the record being assigned the status Imported.
  1. –°lick Save.
  2. To convert listed e-invoices into purchase invoices, click the Create invoices button.
All listed e-invoices are parsed and purchase invoices are generated according to the selected e-invoicing or EDI standard. Created purchase invoices will be displayed within the same line items as original invoices, in the field File.

In case some issues occurred when downloading e-invoices or creating purchase invoices, downloaded purchase invoices may have the Unrecognized status.
In this case, you have to correct errors in purchase invoices that did not pass the validation.

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