Invoice for the Company Account

On the first day of each new month, you will receive a notification that the new invoice is available on the Financials page of your Codejig Account.
After you have received a new invoice, you will have 14 calendar days to pay for it.
Each invoice has the option to download it to your computing device in the *.pdf format and later print it.
The invoice consists of the General area and Services tab:
  • The General area comprises the information about your company, contact person, billing address, due date, payment terms, currency and amounts to pay, the date and number of the invoice and any additional notes if any.
  • The Services tab comprises the list of services provided to your company during the last month, dates from and to when services were provided, quantity for each service, their prices, VAT to pay and total amounts.
To go to the particular Invoice page:
  1. On the Codejig Account Main menu click Financials.
  2. On the Financials page, find the required invoice and click on its name and numbering series in the Invoice field.
More information
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