Purchase Order Generator: Tabs Section

Use this section to add and define goods to be purchased. Tabs section comprises two tabs, the Increase in stock tab, and the Generated orders tab.

Increase in stock tab


Used for


Choose the vendor who was previously assigned as your typical supplier for the selected type of goods.


Good quantity of which is below minimal and is suggested to be repurchased by the system.

  • Certain item details will be provided automatically as the system will retrieve the relevant data from the item description and other related documents.


A unit of measurement, whether it is a piece, a kilogram or a liter, etc.

  • A unit of measurement for an item is provided automatically and you cannot override it. Although if several units of measurement are defined for an item, you can select the relevant one.

Available for sale

A number of goods available for sale. It is the number you currently have in stock and the number of goods you expect to receive based on an open purchase orders. Goods other customers have ordered or reserved are excluded from the number of goods available for sale.

Minimal quantity

Defined minimal quantity of the item that should be in-stock at all times. The stock should never drop below this quantity.

Optimal quantity

Optimal inventory quantity of the item that should be in-stock in the selected warehouse.

Quantity to order

Quantity of the item to be ordered to refill the amount of the good in the warehouse.


Select a currency in which item price is set.

  • The currency is provided automatically once the item is added to the tab being retrieved from the item record created in the Item directory. It is a currency set as the item default currency.
  • If no currency is set for the selected item, currency of the purchase order generator document is auto-completed from My company settings.
  • It is a required field. If you delete the auto-completed currency and do not select an alternative one, you will not be able to save the document.

Net price

The price of one item. Price is retrieved automatically from the latest purchase quotation for the good if it is provided. Otherwise, you may fill in or change the information in the field manually.

Advanced mode

Not all line item fields are displayed by default. To enable such fields, you have to turn on the extended mode for line item by clicking the More button above the list of items.

On enabling the extended mode, the following fields appear:


Used for

In stock

The quantity of goods in stock including goods available for sale and goods reserved by other customers.


Number of goods expected to be received according to opened purchase orders.


The quantity of goods reserved by customers; reserved goods are not available for sale.

Delivery date

Date until which ordered goods have to be delivered to the selected warehouse.

If you want to turn off the extended mode, click the Less button.
NoteAfter turning off the extended mode, advanced item details will persist. 
Fields Available for sale, In stock, Expected, Reserved, Minimal quantity and Optimal quantity cannot be overridden, you can only view the computed quantity or indicated amount being retrieved from the Inventory journal.

When fields of Increase in stock tab are completely filled with all the goods that have to be repurchased, click the Generate orders.

The system will offer a list of completely filled purchase orders, where items will be sorted according to the Vendor, e.g. goods from the Increase in stock section that are assigned to one vendor, will be put to one purchase order document.

Generated orders tab


Used for

Purchase order

Name and numbering series of the purchase order document created in the system.


Date when the purchase order document was created in the system.

Delivery date

Date until which ordered goods have to be delivered to the selected warehouse.


Name of the vendor to send the purchase order to.


Currency of the purchase order document.

Net amount

Net amount of the purchase order document, excluding VAT.

VAT amount

Amount of VAT of the purchase order document.

Total amount

Total amount to be paid according to the purchase order document.

All fields of the Generated orders section are adjustable.

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